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<span>The Shluchim Office & Our Hospitality Services</span>

The Shluchim Office & Our Hospitality Services

בכדי עס זאל זיין א המשך פון דעם כח הציבור פון א כנס השלוחים, כו”כ שלוחים ביחד – איז כדאי, אז מ’זאל באשטימען א מקום מרכזי (און א טעלעפאן) וואו יעדער שליח קען זיך פארבינדן און בעטן אן עצה אדער הילף אין קיום שליחותו במקומו, מ’זאל אים צושטעלן א רעדנער וכו’ וכו’ – משיחת ש”פ חיי-שרה, מבה”ח כסלו, ה’תשמ”ז

The Shluchim Office

At the Kinus Hashluchim of 5747 (1986) the Rebbe called for the establishment of The Shluchim Office with the mission to serve as a central hub of advice and support for the Shluchim and their families:

“In order to maintain the impact that results from Shluchim coming together at a Kinus Hashluchim, it would be worthwhile to establish a center, reachable by telephone, which every Shliach may contact to receive counsel or assistance in fulfilling his Shlichus in his location – for example booking a speaker etc. etc.”

Envisioned as a central resource center for Shluchim all over the world, The Shluchim Office strives to provide projects and services that meet the needs of Shluchim, Shluchos and their children. Particular emphasis is placed on programming, outreach, Torah study and chinuch of Shluchim’s children.

Shluchim Hospitality

Our commitment to the needs of Shluchim includes an emphasis on hospitality for visiting Shluchim.

Our current hospitality services include the Shluchim Center, which includes the Shluchim Lounge, Private Office Suite and Conference room; the Shluchim Suites; and the Shluchim and Embassy houses at the Ohel.

Shluchim Center

The home and heart of The Shluchim Office is located at 816 Eastern Parkway, just a few doors from 770. The Shluchim Center currently hosts the offices of The Shluchim Office, including many of our projects and services; the Shluchim Lounge for visiting Shluchim; a Private Office Suite for meetings; and a Conference Room for a shliach’s convenience.

The initial establishment of the Shluchim Center was thanks to the support of Rabbi Joseph Gutnick, and the second-phase renovations were completed with the help of Mr. Uri Laber and Mr. Jim Haber. In addition, several prominent sponsors each contributed the cost of a specific room, and over two hundred Shluchim and anash donated significantly to the construction.

Shluchim Suites

One of the challenges Shluchim face when visiting Crown Heights is finding affordable and comfortable accommodations.

With this in mind, the Shluchim Suites was built to offer Shluchim an exclusive place they can stay, with luxurious private rooms and comfortable common living area.

The Shluchim Suites were built and sponsored by Mr. Avraham Banda.

Ohel Accommodations

Purchased in the months following Gimmel Tammuz with the help of a vaad of Shluchim, the Shluchim House was established as a venue for Shluchim to stay overnight while visiting the Rebbe’s Ohel.

Its sister institution, the Embassy House, was arranged in the following year by Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar, shliach in Bal Harbor, Florida, and funded by the Gilinski family in memory of the Twin Souls.

Following the request for the establishment of The Shluchim Office, the Rebbe said:

“Following the above will, first and foremost, ensure success in the fulfillment of the Shlichus beyond all expectations, and in addition, will result in one’s personal success–children, health and sustenance, all in great abundance; healthy children and grandchildren; attaining good matches for one’s children; and blessings in every possible manner.”
Farbrengen, Mevorchim HaChodesh Kislev, 5747

“און דורך דעם וואס מ’וועט טאן בזה באופן האמור – וועט מען צום אלעם ערשטן מצליח זיין אין קיום השליחות, און מיט א הצלחה למעלה מן המשוער. און דערצו וועט מען אויך האבן הצלחה אין די אייגענע ענינים – בבני חיי ומזוני רויחי ובכולם רויחי – געזונטער קינדער, און געזונטער אייניקלאך, און מאכן גוטע שידוכים, און זיין געבענטשט מיט אלע ברכות.”
משיחת כ”ז מרחשון, מבה”ח כסלו, ה’תשמ”ז


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